Nobody spends £222 million only to watch his Club stumble 1 game at a time. Roman Abramovich went all out in the last transfer window to bring in quality players from Germany, France, Netherlands, and England. But the amount spent on Players for Frank Lampard’s Chelsea doesn’t seem to be yielding results.

Frank Lampard, Chelsea’s highest goal scorer, has failed to show any tactical intelligence with the current Chelsea squad. The players seem to lack coordination, drive, and a uniform goal. Their movement around the pitch is unprogressive, combined with a lack of initiative. The players just get the ball to the wing and cross it into the box.

Chelsea has lost five of their last nine games, winning 3 and grabbing a point with one. This terrible result has placed Chelsea in 8th position with 29 points. 

Chelsea has never been the club to give a manager so much time. But it seems Lampard had had just enough. The Chelsea board will later today be having a crisis talk with Frank Lampard to determine his future as the club’s manager. 

If Lampard gets fired, who will replace him? Our guess is the recently sacked PSG coach, Tuchel.

Frank Lampard will always be a Chelsea legend, but maybe just as a football player and not a coach.

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