Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke, has urged his daughter, Nike Adeleke, to find a partner and get married.

Adeleke gave the urge during a Q&A session on Nike’s Instagram page on Saturday.

Nike, who is approaching her 29th birthday, asked her father how he felt about her not being married yet.

“I am now 28 and I am about to be 29. How do you feel about me not being married yet?” she inquired. In response, Governor Adeleke expressed his expectation for her to settle down soon, emphasizing that she is not getting any younger.

“Better start getting ready to get married. That is the next thing. You think you are young? I am expecting all those your toasters, better bring one so you can come and tell me, ‘Dad, this is the one I am going to marry,’” he said.

He further highlighted that he had married and had Nike’s brother, Adesina, by the age of 28.

“Do you know that at the age of 27, 28 I got married and I had your brother Adesina? You are now 28, I am giving you one more year.”

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