A Nigerian lady has appealed to men to continue with their fatherly duty to any child they cater for even if a DNA test conducted proves they are not his.

In a post shared on her X handle, the UK-based Nigerian lady said men should learn to keep information of a paternity fraud away from the affected children. According to her, the kids have known such men as their fathers and it will be traumatizing when such men turn against them after a DNA test.

Her spoke with has generated mixed reactions online, reads

‘’If you ever find out your kids aren’t yours, I think you should keep such information away from those kids and continue your fatherly duty. These kids grew up knowing you as their father, now imagine how traumatizing it would be for the kids when you boldly face them to tell them you’re not their father or call them ba$tard.

You can divorce your wife or something but do not involve the innocent kids, give them other reason why you’re divorcing. A child should never find out you are not the father especially a grown up one, you’re basically destr0ying that child’s life by doing so. It’s the mother who faulted not the innocent kid.

After fathering a child for so many years and you later find out they not yours, you should continue with the relationship, sort things out with your wife privately and move on with your family.

An exception to this is only if you detected when the child is still a toddler”

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