If you’re frequent on Twitter, you must have seen the hashtag #GuerillaGlueGirl tops the trends today.

A black American lady socialite Tessica, with the IG handle @im_d_ollady recently opened up via a video about her hair which has been styled into a stiff ponytail for about a month now. She disclosed that while styling her hair, she ran out of her ‘Got To Be Glued’ spray and used ‘Guerilla Glue’ spray on her hair. Since then, she has been condemned with a permanent stiff ponytail.

While Tessica’s situation generated so much humor yet pity from folks, various medical centers as well as dermatologists have been called upon to proffer solutions. 




Wow!! Guerilla glue spray??? Most opinions on Twitter are situated around the fact that black women need to be taught to appreciate their natural hair and not feel pressured to look a certain way. We hope Tessica gets her hair back.

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