The American International School, Abuja, has clarified that its decision to return part of the tuition fees paid by former Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello, to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is due to its commitment to institutional integrity and respect for Nigeria’s national institutions. reported that $760,910.84 was refunded to the EFCC, which was part of $845,852 that was allegedly paid by Bello in 2021 to cover long-term school fees for his children.

The refund relates to the tuition for five children of the ex-governor, with the funds initially intended to secure their education from 2021 to 2035.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the Head of the School, Greg Hughes, said the institution had nothing to hide and has been cooperating with the EFCC to address the matter.

Hughes admitted that the school accepted an advance payment for school fees, which was duly documented in their records and has returned the money to the EFCC in compliance with a request to carry out investigations.

While acknowledging the sensitive nature of the ongoing case between the EFCC and Yahaya Bello, the school added that it would refrain from making further comments, citing the sub-judice status of the issue.

The statement read, “Recent media reports have highlighted issues between the Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), AISA and a family with children enrolled at the school, stemming from an investigation carried out in 2022.

As a school, we did accept an advance payment for school fees, and duly documented these fees in our records. Upon learning that the school fees we accepted in good faith were, in fact, part of an ongoing case with the EFCC, we turned over these funds in compliance with this federal commission’s request. Our compliance to remit these funds underscores our commitment to upholding institutional integrity and our respect for the national institutions of Nigeria.

At no point has the school been accused of any wrongdoing in relation to this case, and we are cooperating fully with the EFCC to address matters currently before the courts.

As these legal matters are being resolved within the Nigerian judicial system and involve one of our families, we will refrain from making any further comments at this time.

“As an institution, we remain committed to providing excellent service to our school community in line with our core values, vision and mission.”



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