Vibez Inc and TML Vibez Lyrics

The official lyrics to Wells Fargo by Vibez Inc and TML Vibez are available below. Check it out.

Vibez Inc & TML Vibez – Wells Frgo Lyrics


Verse 1

Rara I no fall

N*gga heading to the top

Me I tell baba God, tori family yi po

Them think say I give up

Lai lai, I no fit stop

All my matter, I table am to baba God


Like-e animal gbakoje

You dey load when I’m loaded

At times life is unfair

Bami wa eba kosobe

To ba ti bankan je

If to say my papa get

Flying like rocket

Jaiye me, till sunset

N*gga no be muscle (eh eh)

Hope say you dey hustle (eh eh)

Yankee tiji ma sun (eh eh)

Funmi lowo towo baku (eh eh)

Wells Fargo marun (eh eh)

Walmart marun (eh еh)

Gimme the format dakun (eh еh)

Jaiye bi Lukaku (eh eh)



Verse 2

Attention, attention

I gat the charming vibration

Motija ketoso

Normally, be ben lo

Gyration gyration, then we go balance equation

Hard work dedication, TML causing commotion

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