US based Nigerian rapper SamDot took to Twitter to tweet a very profound message. Remember when I said fans are part of what causes beef between our Fav music artists? All the “Davido vs Wizkid” “Burna vs Davido” wahala its fans that add petrol to the fire.

The artist’s team is also on this table! Sometimes Davido’s team secretly shades Wizkid, we have seen it. Recently Burna boys PA also shared on his Insta story that Wizkid and Davido owe their fame to BurnaBoy. See wahala oh! 

This is totally uncalled for which is why I agree with Sam Dots tweet! In his tweet, he said artists need to call their team to order about what they say because it says a lot about what is said behind closed doors.

This is completely true! Why else would Burna boys PA for that matter say trash about Wizkid and Davido? We need to shake this table very well oh. Abi what is your opinion on this matter? 

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