Oga Trump, you have suffered in this life! Just when we all thought that las las, Mr Trump will exit the Oval Office and his dramatic reign will officially come to an end, somewhere in Britain, the remnant of his reign has decided to live on. 

The ‘Trump baby’, a 20-foot tall blimp of the president, has been purchased by the Museum of London. This blimp depicts Trump as a baby clad in diapers, and became popular when the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, gave permission for it to fly on Trump’s initial visit to the city. Shey you know that Trump had so belittled this man. Tor, opportunity came and hunku paid back ?

Since then, the giant blimp had followed the president like a shadow in every of his visit to the country and around the world. See finishing na!

“Trump baby" has now gone down in history as the Museum of London hopes to display it to serve as a “reminder of when London stood against Trump" and “prompt those who see it to examine how they can continue to fight against the politics of hate".

You see bah, just goan learn sarcasm from Londoners!

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