Last week, Nigeria’s revolutionary rapper, Ruggedman tweeted that he would have loved to be an actor but it seems like only the actresses in Nollywood make it in the industry.

His tweet which was seemingly digested for face value by the majority was actually a bitter pill for the popular actress Toyin Abraham to swallow.

Today the 8th of February 2021, the “Elevator Baby" star addressed the rapper via her Instagram handle. She said “I read between the lines and saw what Ruggedman implied. It’s a little sad that many people leeched on it with many derogatory comments about women especially those in Nollywood…"

I couldn’t have guessed that the rapper was trying to throw a shade at women in Nollywood though. All I saw was a harmless tweet.

With or without being an actress, it’s easy to spot a flamboyant lifestyle in females. Toyin’s message made absolute sense though, it’s high time we have people speaking up to correct the bad narrative about women in Nollywood.

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