If you watch Ndani TV’s ‘Real Talk’ and its web series ‘Phases’, then you should be very familiar with the popular brand influencer and media personality, Tomike Adeoye, aka oloriebi.

It’s a sweet feeling to see an aged mother smiling on the gram. Well, I love to break it to you that it’s another Christmas in January for Tomike’s mum who was given a car gift by Tomike for being ever supportive.

Tomike shared the photos on Instagram of her mum and herself alongside other well wishers posing by the black jeep decorated with beautiful purple and white ribbons. Such a sweet gesture that followed a lengthy caption describing her wonderful mother’s love for the family.

Of course, when news like this hits the gram, one thing is certain, the “God when" and “Awwwnnn" association are most definitely showing up in the comment section. Well it’s such a beautiful news, who wouldn’t love to replicate the gesture for their mum?

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