Timi Dakolo the ’iyawo mi’ crooner who was recently in the news for performing at 8 different weddings in Abuja on the same day has fulfilled another bride’s dream.

The Nigerian soul singer revealed via his Instagram page how persistent calls and persuasion from the bride’s husband and her friends made them come up with a plan to surprise the bride. He said;

  ”So, I got a call for a wedding in abuja for a lady that just wanted me as her only wedding gift.

Unfortunately I had committed to some other gig, and the husband and other people kept calling. At some point, we had to come to an agreement, because they refused to give up. I mean the calls kept coming with the line, ‘have you changed your mind?’ So we had to come up with a plan. Let’s wake her up and make her wish come true. Thanks to her colleagues (planning committee). Happy married life to OGECHI And NWANCHUKWU EKE”.

It was like a dream when he came to her house and serenaded her with his angelic voice in the morning. The singer has fulfilled a bride’s dream of having him as a wedding gift come to reality.

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