Biko, Nigeria policemen are trying.
It’s not everytime that they misbehave. Some of them are really committed to their job na.

Just yesterday, we brought to you news of two cultists who were arrested in Lagos State, now this.
The arrested men, who are between the ages of 18 and 35, were part of a notorious gang known as SHILLA Boys.

According to DSP Sulaiman Nguroje, the Police Spokesman in Yola State, due to the intel given to the police by the public, they were able to locate the gang’s hideout and

“The Police Command immediately deployed its operatives and successfully arrested three members of the Shilla boys’’

He also said that the members of this gang wee pretend to be keke riders so they can rob innocent and unsuspecting passengers.

He thanked the people for providing the police with information because without them, arresting the members of that gang would have been difficult (if not impossible).

Is this not a sign that with efforts from you and me, this country would be a better place? If only we blow the whistle anytime we see people breaking the law.
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