Nigeria Northern activist, Sarki popularly known by his Twitter handle (@Waspapping_) for his criticisms on Arewa Twitter has cried out openly as he accidentally watched a 4 minutes adult video.

Sarki who is popularly known for condemning bad conducts and immoral acts amongst his fellow Northerners (Arewa) on Twitter has now fallen prey of the same ills he preaches against.

Recall that Aisha Yesufu was trolled recently about her tweet on the LGTB community and Waspapping was at the forefront of trolling her.

In his 3-paragraph tweet, he mentioned how the 4 minutes X-rated video popped on his timeline and he accidentally opened it. In what he thought to be an ordinary video, he had opened to view before he realized its content.

However, he had blamed his phone for allowing him to watch the video till the last second. His tweet read “…and just when you are about to close it, your phone hook and refuse to close and you’re forced to watch it.”

Also, He channeled his anger towards Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, asking him when Twitter would ban such on the timeline. 

Further, he went ahead to state how watching such videos are against his religious beliefs (Islam) and he wouldn’t even dare view the video if he knew its content beforehand.

He reminded those who began trolling and condemning his actions that they would only make him more traumatized. His tweet read in part “Stop judging me it wasn’t intentional. Let me worry about the sin that comes with it.”

This is a case of the ‘hunter being the prey’ But why should anyone bring his troubles to the media initially? So, we can safely say that whatever trauma he is going through was self-inflicted.

Or how do we even come to terms that his phone malfunctioned in the process of closing the video? Maybe he was just trying to play smart using that as an excuse or did he tweet this to chase clout?

Why did he not switch off his phone after the first 30 seconds of the video but waited till the end of the video before his phone began functioning normally? 
Also, was there any need for Waspapping to ask when such videos will be banned?

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