As we all know, wealth creates a lifestyle full of extravagant things. It’s nothing uncommon in Dubai to pop champagne or casually feed your pet cheetah. In addition to becoming a luxurious Middle Eastern oasis, Dubai has also spawned unbelievable inventions. But those aren’t the only odd things you’ll see in Dubai.

Dubai’s grand culture has become a phenomenon with an endless supply of Ferraris and Lamborghinis.


Luxurious Bathrooms

Let’s just say that any public bathroom in Dubai is nicer than your home.


Camel Parking

When you take the camel to the store to pick up milk, make sure you get a good parking spot…


Walk Your Camel

Just a romantic stroll through the desert with my camel!


The Gold Standard of Cellphones

Think the iPhone is expensive? These gold cellphones cost more than most Americans yearly salary.



We can’t decide which is more dangerous, texting while driving or texting while driving with a cheetah next to you. Neither seem to be a concern in Dubai!


Not the Western World

Needless to say, there are some major cultural differences.



And we’re not referring to the trailer park at the edge of town. Ridiculous? Not in Dubai!


Free Food

Dubai is so flush with cash that free food is given to poor people with the honor system.


Gold Vending Machines

Need some gold? Just hit up the vending machine in the lobby!


Gold Motorcycle

Not only is gold sold like candy, but most luxury items are made of purely gold!


Hotel Rooms

Is this Barbie’s dream house or a hotel room?



Don’t ever attempt to outrun the police in Dubai.


Luxury Traffic Jam

Let’s just say that Lamborghinis are as common in Dubai as Toyotas are in the United States.


Boat Adventures

Boating adventures on crisp blue waters with your lion, sounds about right.


Police Boats

Forget about the police patrolling in Lamborghini’s, they race around the coast like Miami Vice…



Afraid of heights? You won’t last a second in Dubai! The average view is at least 20 stories up.



Starbucks is anything but basic in Dubai.


Sky High Tennis

Well someone thought this was necessary… Only in Dubai!


Mall or Aquarium?

Forget buying a Tory Burch purse, buy a whale at the mall in Dubai.


Sharks in the City

Dubai has a humungous attraction featuring sea-life – the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo – featuring numerous exhibits, including a Shark Encounter that allows guests enclosed in a shark cage to get up close nd personal with feeding sharks right in the middle of the city.


Ski in the Desert

The aptly-named Ski Dubai is one of the world’s largest indoor ski resorts, featuring numerous runs, a ski lift, and even a group of live snow penguins available for photo-ops. Not bad for the desert.


Stunt Driving

With luxury cars a (comparatively) easily accessible commodity, some drivers in Dubai indulge in their wildest desires to stunt drive. Don’t worry though, if they get hurt, they’ll receive medical treatment in style…


First Response in Style

Yup, Dubai has the world’s fastest – and judging by this photo, most stylish ambulances in the world. Seriously, this looks like a Transformer.


Riding Shotgun

As seen in our last life, sometimes residents ride their big cats. Other times, the big cats ride them, or more specifically ride shotgun in their expensive vehicles.


Bling Indeed

This diamond-studded Mercedes Benz, belonging to Saudi Prince (Amir) al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul-Aziz cost a mind-boggling $4.8 million thanks to the over 300,000 diamonds that cover its chassis.

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