One celebrity always making sense is Simi… at least we can all agree that she makes sense 90% of the time.

In Simi’s recent IG story where she opened the box up for questions with the tag “If you got questions I might have answers", a concerned follower asked “Why is it so hard for a celebrity to reply a fan? They are rude when they reply"

Simi responded, “You too why are you waiting for celebrity to reply you? Don’t mind them. Shebi you have friends? Talk to your friends."

Hmmmm… another question was “Mama celebrity don’t reply DM of people like us cuz we re poor"… and Simi’s response was “How you think you ever gon be rich if you believe to yourself that you are poor? Who is simi that her lack of response is enough to make you claim poverty? It starts from your mind. Do better."

I for one agree with Simi. One’s value should not be based on a celebrity’s validation or response. Take away the fame and the glitz, celebrities are also humans. And if you’re curious as to why they respond to only derogatory comments on their pages, put yourself in their shoes too. Would you be happy if someone openly throws jabs at you at will? Your answer is between you and your conscience.

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