Nigerian publisher, Ogar Solomon Ogar, has called out people who consumed large quantity of alcohol at the funeral of a man who was sick and struggling financially before his untimely death in Cross River State.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, June 9, 2024, Solomon revealed that when the deceased was running around looking for money for his medical treatment nobody came to his aid.

However, the sum of N1.7m was raised for his funeral and his son’s educational pursuit.

Solomon wrote; “A bubbling young man of 45years full of life and energy died a very painful and unfortunate death in Okuku in Yala LGA of Cross River State,” he wrote.

He was a young man with many dreams and ambitions. He died because he couldn’t withstand certain pressures of life. He was looking for money up and down but nobody was there for him. Sadly, we lost him leaving behind a son who is an undergraduate of the University of Cross River State.

About One Million, Seven Hundred and Eight Five Thousand Naira (N1, 785, 000.00) was raised for his funeral and his son’s educational pursuit. When he was looking for money up and down for medications, there was no money for treatment, but when he passed on, there’s suddenly so much money available for the funeral with alcoholic fan fare.

In our clime, funerals have become photoshoot’s competition and showing sympathy have been turned into loud music, partying & drinking alcohol.

The parents are sadly mourning their child— and here comes some people twerking & consuming humongous alcohol when they are supposed to console the bereaved family and mourning the dead. That is sickening!

A life was lost painfully. Most people thought the money contributed was for the son’s education but it’s beer that became extremely important. Why do you go ahead to place so much premium on alcohol, food and all the decorations we are seeing on the Social Media? It makes no sense. This nonsense has to stop.

I am still processing my brain to reason why spending so much on bottles of alcohol when a person dies rather than giving them the money when they are alive to take care of their health or open an Educational Trust Fund for the deceased son’s education.

This is one of my songs and I will keep singing it.

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