As the controversy over the paternity of Liam, the only child of late singer Ilerioluwa Aloba aka Mohbad continues, a Nigerian family lawyer, Onifade Olamide, has said that under the law, once a man acknowledges a child as his, no third party has the right to contest the paternity of the child.

Joseph Aloba who is the father of the late singer has been demanding a DNA test be conducted to ascertain if Liam is indeed his grandson. His stance has generated reactions with many supporting him and others against him.

While speaking on TVC recently. Onifade said during his lifetime, Mohbad acknowledged Liam as his so nobody can contest it now. She argued that the court can never grant Mr Aloba’s request for a DNA test to be done since he is a third party in the matter.

‘’Under the law, when a man and a woman are married, any child they have, there is something called ‘Presumption of Legitimacy meaning that the man is the biological father of the child. That is what the law says except you can now prove it that the child is not the man’s own.

In this case, Mohbad during his life time acknowledged the child as his own. Once a man acknowledges a child, no third party can come contest it. The third party who is the grandfather who is a busybody because the son said this is my child until his death.

If he goes to the court to demand for a DNA, the court will ask him to file an affidavit stating the reason why he wants a DNA test done and he has to give very cogent reasons. Now the person to dispute paternity must be in the proceedings. Now the person to dispute paternity is dead. ‘’

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