Omoyele Sowore, a civil rights activist, was denied entry to the courtroom to watch Nnamdi Kanu’s trial.

Agents from the Department of State Services and the Nigerian Police Force advised Sowore, who was dressed in traditional Isi-agu costume, to return.

Sowore told journalists that he was at the court for a variety of reasons. He said, “I am here to check the registry because for a while I have not been charged to court, I need to know about my treason case.

“Also I am here to witness the trial of my friend, Nnamdi Kanu, the court is a public space and the public should not be barred from accessing the courtroom.

“People have the right to self-determination, Nigeria has not worked and will never work. So Nnamdi Kanu is not wrong and his trial should not be in secret.

“Security operatives have consistently failed to do their jobs and now you see them harassing journalists and lawyers.

It was however noted that journalist and media personnel were also barred from gaining entrance into the court.

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