Nigerian comedienne and actress, Anita Alaire Afoke Asuoha, also known as Real Warri Pikin, has revealed her decision to undergo weight-loss surgery.

Real Warri Pikin flaunted her new looks on social media last year after undergoing weight-loss surgery.

Speaking at a recent function, the comedian, who had gastric sleeve surgery, recounted an incident at the bank that prompted her decision to undergo the weight-loss surgery, citing embarrassment as a significant factor.

Despite others’ positive perceptions of her appearance post-surgery, she disclosed experiencing side effects, including sagging breasts.

Real Warri Pikin said, “When I was plus-sized, one of the reasons I decided to do weight-loss surgery was an embarrassing situation at the bank. I entered into the bank door and the next thing I heard was, ‘Step back, one at a time, one at time.’

“Everyone is saying I look better and younger after the surgery but they don’t know what I am passing through. My breasts have become sloppy.”

Real Warri Pikin shared on Instagram the challenges she has faced following her gastric sleeve surgery.

She described physical changes such as saggy skin, difficulties with excretion, and hair loss at the front.

She also mentioned restrictions like the need to eat slowly and avoid drinking water with meals to prevent high blood pressure and vomiting.

Despite these challenges, she highlighted several positive outcomes, including the absence of knee pain, breathlessness, and a reduced frequency of illness compared to when she was overweight.

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