The Presidency has dismissed two fiscal policy documents circulating in the media and social media platforms, describing them as unofficial and subject to review.

In a statement, the Coordinating Minister of the Economy, Wale Edun, clarified that the documents, including the “Inflation Reduction and Price Stability (Fiscal Policy Measure) Order 2024” and the “Accelerated Stabilisation and Advancement Plan (ASAP)”, are mere proposals still under review.

The government urged the public and media to disregard the documents and cease further discussions, as they do not represent official policy positions.

Edun reiterated that the fuel subsidy regime has ended, and there is no provision for N5.4 trillion in the 2024 budget.

He stressed the government’s commitment to mitigating the effects of subsidy removal and easing cost of living pressures on Nigerians. The Presidency cautioned the media to exercise restraint and verify documents through official channels to ensure accurate information and avoid speculation.


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