The Premier League has slammed another star player with the charges of breaching betting rules and law in England.

In a shocking turn of events and amidst speculations in the 2023/2024 season, West Ham and Brazil midfielder Lucas Paqueta has been slammed with charges of breaching and violating player-betting rules in the Premier League by the English FA.

What happened to Lucas Paqueta?

Lucas Paqueta is facing allegations of breaking betting regulations in a surprising turn of events. The FA has been looking into suspicious betting activities connected to four of Paqueta’s bookings from last year for nearly nine months, and the Brazilian player is now confronting disciplinary charges. Additionally, the Brazilian international has been accused of violating two FA Rule F3, which pertains to ‘alleged failures to comply pursuant to FA Rule F2’.

What did Paqueta say about the allegations of violating betting laws?

Lucas Paqueta in an official statement on his social media platform has expressed his surprise about the allegations adding he is innocent of the charges laid against him. His statement on social media read, ‘I am extremely surprised and upset that the FA has decided to charge me. For nine months, I have cooperated with every step of their investigation and provided all the information I can. I deny the charges in their entirety and will fight with every breath to clear my name. Due to the ongoing process, I will not be providing any further comment.

What will happen to Lucas Paqueta’s possible transfer to Man City?

It remains to be seen if the charges against Lucas Paqueta will affect Man City’s move for the midfielder as nothing remains confirmed or denied for now.

Paqueta, is reportedly one of the top candidates to replace City’s Bernardo Silva, and it’s been reported that personal terms have already been settled.

Last summer (2023), Paqueta was close to signing with Man City before negotiations were paused due to an FA betting inquiry.

If he is cleared of any misconduct, it is believed that the Premier League champions are prepared to finalize a deal for the Brazilian player.

Last year, before the investigation emerged, Man City and Paqueta had already agreed on personal terms, as the midfielder is eager to participate in Champions League matches and contend for titles.

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