In a recent Instagram live session, Nigerian music star Portable has expressed fear over an alleged plan by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to arrest him upon his return to Nigeria.

The singer, known for hits like Zazu, revealed that he feels targeted after self-described social media activist VeryDarkMan urged the agency to investigate Portable for allegedly abusing the Naira.

During the live session on Friday, April 19, 2024, Portable addressed VeryDarkMan directly, stating, “I am scared. The EFCC is planning to arrest me when I return to Nigeria because VeryDarkMan name-dropped me.” He further criticized VeryDarkMan’s involvement, questioning his authority to comment on public affairs and suggesting that his opinions should be left to law enforcement agencies.

Portable’s comments were laced with a sense of apprehension, as he voiced concern over the potential consequences of the investigation. He also took a swipe at VeryDarkMan’s credibility, referencing an unspecified past incident where he claimed that Nigerians had intervened for the activist’s freedom.

VeryDarkMan abi VeryDarkBrain, you talk too much. Leave talk for people who have something reasonable to say. Are you a law enforcement officer? Your opinions on public affairs are for people in the law enforcement agencies. When you were arrested it was Nigerians who begged for your freedom. When you came out, you were lean; all your muscles disappeared. And now you’re bragging. Leave talk for people who are sensible. You talk about women, politics, everything. What do you do for a living? Tok tok,” he added.

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