The Nigerian rap industry was dominated by males until Eva Alordiah came along. In the early 2000s, Eva’s music was as unique as unique can be and she was absolutely loved by many until all of a sudden, poof! She disappeared from the music industry’s radar.

If I say her disappearance did not pain me then I am lying! Me and thousands of other Nigerians felt her absence when she quit music without giving us a reason.

Over the years many rumors have spread about why the rap genius quit music. Since 2016 Eva Alordiah has been engaged to popular OAP Ceaser, since the engagement her music career slowly dwindled until she rebranded and came back as a “Aspire to Perspire” motivational speaker and women trainer.

Many people believed her fiancé had everything to do with why she stopped rapping but today the rapper herself has given us an answer. She claims she quit music for herself! An inquisitive fan decided to air his concerns and displeasure over her quitting rap, and she took her time to reply all their questions and trolling.

From the look of things she went through a lot and needed to take a break, I am all for doing whatever it takes to stay sane. She may have hinted that she has something in the works because she responded “Soon my baby” to a fan who asked “what about us the fans?”

We will keep our fingers crossed and hope that she blesses us with a banger soon. Meanwhile what’s your favorite Eva Alordiah song?

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