The Executive Secretary of the Osun State Agency for the Control of AIDS (O’SACA), Dr. Adeniyi Oginni, has disclosed that over 50,000 individuals in the state are currently living with HIV.

In response to this, the agency has initiated the distribution of preventive resources. Dr. Oginni is urging those with HIV to undergo testing.

He noted that allocating these resources to various organizations, such as the 31 Local Agency for the Control of AIDS (LACA Managers), Network of People Living with AIDS (NEPWHAN), Implementing partners, CBOs focusing on HIV, Civil Society groups addressing HIV/AIDS (CiSHAN), and several ART clinics in the state, is a crucial step in the collective effort to curb the spread of the disease.

He said: “About 50,000 people are still living with HIV in Osun, with 28,000 of them already receiving treatment. Available statistics show that the prevalence of HIV in Osun State is 0.9 per cent. With an estimated population of 5.2 million people, this translates to about 50,000 persons living with the virus in the state.

There are still so many that have not come out to be tested. But we are urging them to come out to be tested. If you know your status, you will start treatment immediately and you will get to a level where you are no longer a threat to yourself or the community.”

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) has issued a stern ultimatum to Chief Medical Directors and Managing Directors (CMDs/MDs) of healthcare facilities across the country.

They are demanding the immediate settlement of the outstanding accoutrement allowances owed to their members. This directive comes after a comprehensive general meeting held by the association in Kaduna.

In a communique made public after the meeting, NARD President, Dr Dele Abdullahi Olaitan, Secretary General Dr. Anaduaka Christopher Obinna, and Public and Special Secretary Dr. Egbe John Jonah unanimously agreed to give a two-week deadline for these payments.

They have cautioned that non-compliance will trigger a nationwide industrial action by the resident doctors.

The association has also called for an end to doctor casualization and advocated for more secure and equitable employment terms within the healthcare sector.

A push towards the integration of all healthcare facilities into the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) was also highlighted, aimed at enhancing the efficiency of payroll procedures.

Furthermore, the resident doctors have taken a strong stance against any form of assault on medical practitioners.

They announced that any such incident would prompt an immediate withdrawal of medical services until the safety of the affected area is sufficiently restored.

In line with this, NARD is urging the National Assembly to enact laws that would make assaults on healthcare workers a criminal offence.

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