There’s been an engulfing fire on the mountain in Singer Oritsefemi’s abode, a kind of fire that the phrase “run run run” wouldn’t prevent the stings.

Remember the Singer’s wife, Nabila had early in the week accused someone of coming to have sex in her matrimonial home with hubby while she was away at work. Also recall that following her outburst, Lady Kara, former manager to Oritsefemi also wrote a long epistle extending her support to Nabila and also admitting that it’ll be justified if she left the marriage. Kara also listed other shortcomings of Oritsefemi.

Now, Orisefemi has hit hard on Kara without remorse. Just imagine what he wrote in his IG story; “ As for you Kara hope you don confess to your friend how many times you chop her husband gbola for UK Ozuo. Such a local FESTAC girl with UK passport. Fake ass friend with her puna wen dey smell like dawa dawa. Na why men dey free am after sex." 

Wow! Oristsefemi brought a bazooka to a pistol fight. I can imagine the look on Nabila’s face when she reads this. Imagine the person encouraging you to depart your marital home on the grounds of infidelity is on the list of concubines that deprived you marital joy. So cruel. But on the contrary, what if Oritsefemi is lying? And what if it was an act that happened before he got married to Nabila? Just saying…

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