Everyday we wake up to news of BBN double wahala stars announcing their wins! I won’t lie I thought that the whole pandemic issue was going to affect the popularity and fame of all the housemates.

But all these Big Brother fans have coconut head! I have said it before and I will say it again, their level of Stan is out of this world oh, ah ah.

The ‘Elites’ fans of BBN Double Wahala star Erica Nwedilim decided that only their fav should be called Star girl, no one else deserves that name, and guess what they did? They trademarked the name for her! 

Hehehe, this means that it is now a crime for anyone else to bear the name ‘Star girl’ anywhere in the world! Erica revealed this in a tweet and has since received many congratulations from different people.

This is actually a legit thing to do oh because that’s how Wizkid and The Weekend are dragging the name ‘StarBoy’ if only Wizkid Fc trademarked the name there will be no wahala! Will you be trademarking your nickname anytime soon? Because it’s like that’s the way forward oh.

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