You know that some Nigerians like wahala! The enemy of my friend is my enemy! When it comes to relationship and married people leave them ooh, because when they settle you will be the topic of discussion in their bedroom. 

Teni the entertainer shared a video on her Instagram page where she lamented about how she hated on her friend’s ex-boyfriend when they broke up. Everywhere she sees him she will eye him up and down, now they are back together! 

Wahala for who hate oh, because now he is asking all his girlfriend’s friend  for account number and he no ask for her own. It was the same thing that happened when singer 9ice and his wife had an issue and he took to Instagram to share an apology message.

While a few asked the wife to forgive him, many said she should forget him and move on! Hian forget him and move on with pikin? Now she and 9ice are back together and she shared a heartwarming message on his birthday yesterday. 

I wonder how the people that called for unforgiveness feel now. Mind your business oh! Abi what is your take on this matter?

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