If you are familiar with the way Instagram works then you should know better than taking a person’s location seriously.

Well, wahala be like Atlanta Georgia for Nkechi Blessings photos o. But should that be anybody’s business? Absolutely No! 

The actress who for the umpteenth time posted a photo of her which indicated her location as Atlanta Georgia was suddenly pounced on like a rat by a troll

@skicethedj responded in the comment “Atlanta Georgia location don suffer for your hand ???"

Well we know Nkechi Blessing is pepper, so her response didn’t come as a shock. In barely a minute, she responded “Na why you no go fit pass Akwa Ibom…stagnant fool"

Arrgggghhh!! That was harsh but well deserved if you ask me. Whether she’s in Atlanta Georgia or not, it shouldn’t be anybody’s business.  Do you know if aunty is acting on her faith?

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