Aliyah Jay, a popular YouTuber who posts make-up videos on her YouTube channel, is currently in hot egusi soup with her boyfriend.

Joining a trend where African-Americans try Nigerian delicacies and give their honest opinion, the couple posted their own video. Though this video has been deleted, in it, Aliyah’s boyfriend described foo-foo and egusi soup as “dog food".

Trust Nigerians to come for whoever slights them (whether directly or indirectly) as they made sure they dragged the couple from the U.S, through Seme Border, to Balogun Market and made them dance kpangolo.

Just kidding.

But, that isn’t far from the truth.

Many Nigerians have come out to outrightly condemn the couple because they felt it was all shades of wrong considering the fact that they (the couple) have African roots.

In response to the loads of condemning statements directed at her and her boyfriend, the makeup artist has come out to apologise for being insensitive.

“Hey guys! Something I found to be an innocent trend, has hurt a lot of you…

I was super ignorant to the hurt these kind of videos hold and I can take accountability that the tone of my video came across super insensitive. My intentions were never to hurt anyone in this way.

Thank you to my true supporters and friends who have brought this matter to my attention and educated me on this.”

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