In the early 2000’s one of the voices always banging through our speakers was Sean Tizzles voice, with hit songs like Loke Loke and Sho le he took the music industry by storm. 

Fast forward years later and he just vanished! We stopped hearing about the singer and we didn’t get any new Jam from him. The singer maintained his fan base and they have been crying for him to drop something! Oga give us a new Jam! 

Recently popular American singer Wyclef Jean asked about Sean TIZZLE on his Twitter page and boom that was all the singer needed to drag his career back on track.

The singer has since been working on new songs and is set to release all three of them on the 14th of February and of course one features Wyclef.

For the second song off the project ‘Coke Bottle’ the singer shared on his Instagram page that he needs 99 melanin popping coke bottle shaped ladies in the video and he has started a challenge to that effect.

Where are all the coke bottle shaped ladies? Slim or fat they are looking for you to come and be in a music video! 

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