Hmmmm when you think you have seen it all in this country something must still shock you! That’s how the son of Nigerian politician Doyin Okupe came out and said he is gay now Nollywood actor and social media Prophet Uche Maduagwu revealed on his Instagram page that he is a member of the ‘rainbow community’ with a photo that said ‘Proudly Gay’

Ah ah! This one that all these men are saying they are gay who is now straight!? Uche Maduagwu is known for his criticisms of ladies and of course his attention-seeking, could his post be just a stunt to draw attention to himself? Or should we believe him?

He said we should appreciate people and share only love because he has come out as gay oh, but when he was tearing down artists like Davido he didn’t remember. Anyway maybe he has been tripping for Davido since. Should we congratulate him on coming out?

Because me I don’t understand again, shebi Nigeria has a law that jails homosexual men for 14years? Abi the law has been abolished? I have so many questions oh!

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