Popular ex BBN housemate, Anita Natacha Akide also known as Tacha is trending across social media platforms again.

Another medal seems to have been added to her list of achievements after the shower of attention she got on the 23rd of December 2020. 

You would recall that she was gifted customized bikes (delivery bikes) and vans (bus) on her birthday by her fans called the TITANS coupled with a monetary gift of 6 million naira. 

The 25 years old reality TV star has again received showers of congratulatory messages from fans across the country as she got followed by one of Trinidadian-American legendary rapper, Nicki Minaj, on IG. 

Sitting gallantly on the trend table with 100,000 tweets is the hashtag Tacha*Nicki Minaj and the titans are out there celebrating their queen.

A titan tweeted: “Nicki is following 227 people and Natacha Akide is one of them!!!! Our disqualified Tasha ooo” and attached screenshots as a proof.

Another titan tweeted: “my village network been making me miss out. I climbed mountain and saw the Nicki follow…hey God… this is too beautiful. Best birthday presents ever!!! Congrats queen T. 2021 na for you ooo #Tacha*NickiMinaj.

With a screenshot attached, another titan tweeted: “2 hours after Nicky followed Tacha. Agama had a slight injury.”

In her reply, she tweeted: “E CHOKE!!!!!! Might use same energy to just drop the video of the week!! Yes or No!!!” with a poll attached to vote.

Titans are saying: haters take a stroll! are you?

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