If you have as much as followed the news closely, then you’d know that commendable efforts have been made so far to addressing the Covid-19 pandemic. Almost every organization, both government and non-profit, have done their bit in ensuring that this phase of human existence is put behind for good. Notable among them is the production of a vaccine and an ongoing vaccination of the masses.

In its bid to help, Google Maps is adding a new feature; locations that offer Covid-19 vaccinations. This feature, it says, will help to enhance more awareness of the virus and how to avoid it.

In case you spared a moment to wonder what brought the idea, it will interest you to know that Google noticed the random search for “vaccines near me" which had increased by fivefold since the beginning of this year, hence, the need to “provide locally relevant answers".

They’ve also let us know that the information contained in the feature will include details on if an appointment will be required for vaccination, and if it’s available for only a particular set of people, and also if there is provision for a drive-thru.

So in the coming weeks, be sure to look out for this feature on your Google Maps. Or maybe not. Because sadly, it’ll only be available for residence in Mississippi, Arizona, Louisiana, and Texas for now.

You think it ends there? No o. The company also announced through its CEO, Sundar Pichai, that it’ll be donating $100 million in ad grants to World Health Organization, CDC Foundation, and other nonprofits organizations for the sole purpose of running “critical public service health announcements".

That’s not even all. They’ve also given out part of their facilities, open spaces, and parking lot in major cities like Washington, California and New York for use as vaccine administration centres.

Isn’t Google simply sweet? Well, we hope more business owners follow suit…if they hadn’t already! 

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