Still in the wave of attention blowing about the BBN season 5 housemates; attention has shifted to Lucy and Nengi.

You’d recall that all through her stay in the house, Lucy has taken the opportunity to push her grilling business.

Just like the popular slogan “we rise by lifting others, " Nengi has shown her love for Lucy by gifting her a 6 digits cash to support her food business.

Recently, Nengi was seen to have advertised Lucy’s business using her IG handle. The post reads “my girl has the best bole in Lagos" @lucianasgrill.

In turn, Lucy has come out to sound the clasping cymbals in appreciation for what her fellow housemate has done.

Part of her post on IG reads “I’m screaming… @nengiofficial sent me 6 digits to support my business… “

While we applause Nengi and also congratulate Lucy on her newly received gift, is this act necessary?

Although, Lucy has been on low-key since she left the house, can we tag Lucy’s act as a means of shooting herself into limelight again?

Is posting online a new way of showing gratitude? What’s your take?

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