Wetin Musa no go see for gate in this country?! Popular media personality and mum Toolz shared a post in her Instagram page about the kind of DMs she gets everyday.

This melanin that people are looking for some Nigerian women still don’t know the value oh. A pregnant woman slid into her DM to ask her about what products she can use to make her unborn baby fair! 

This one pass my power ooh, you don’t even know if the baby will be fair or dark yet. Apparently the woman had seen a post about Ghanaian women bleaching their unborn babies and wanted expert advice on what products to use for the process

Toolzo told her that melanin is beautiful and there’s nothing wrong with a baby being dark. Of course!!! There’s nothing wrong with a baby being dark! Why are some women like this nau? What are your thoughts concerning this?!

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