A Nigerian man, Yinka, has shared his regret following the death of his wife, Shola. 

In a post on X platform on Saturday, May 18, Yinka said maybe his wife would have survived what killed her, if he had taken her out of the country. He however, didn’t reveal the cause of her death.

Despite encouraging words from friends and his brother-in-law, he still insisted that he failed his wife.

Yinka, you did your best for Shola. You are the most amazing husband ever! You loved her and cared for her. You were up every night by her side. Every time we talk she tells me you are her blessing. My brother, you are the best husband for my dear sister and you know she won’t be happy that you are regretting. She loves you and she knows and we all know you did your best for her every step of the way. I’m so sorry brother,” his in-law, Dr. Babatunde wrote.


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