Manchester United’s No. 10, Marcus Rashford, has been named Europe’s most valuable player at €165.6 million. The youngster, who has been in the spotlight for his feeding scheme centered around children, clearly did not suffer his footballing career. The result of his hard work: the most valuable player. 


Rashford has proved himself this season by scoring amazing match-settling goals across various competitions in Europe. In the EPL, he has found the back of the net 7 times, while assisting his teammates 4 times.


Also, on the grandest stage of all, UEFA Champions League, Rashford is the joint highest goal scorer with Morata, Haaland, and Neymar, netting 3 goals (hat-trick) in one match.


Also on the list are Haaland (€152.0), Trent-Alexander Arnold (€151.6), and Bruno Fernandes (€151.1). 


Haaland shocked the world of football last season with his incredible goals, while Trent-Alexander Arnold was key in Liverpool’s victories. But someone who changed the game for the Red Devils is Bruno Fernandes. His presence was instantly felt, hence, the numerous individual awards to his name.


The Goats of football, Messi, and Ronaldo are not missing from the list, although it’ll take a while from the top before beholding both names. Messi comes first at 97, valued at €54 million while Ronaldo is at 131 with €147 million as his estimated value.  

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