Manchester City chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak has announced that the club is already aiming for their fifth consecutive Premier League title.

Manchester City secured their fourth straight title last month with a 3-1 victory over West Ham at home, making them the first team in English football history to achieve this milestone.

In his end-of-season review, Al Mubarak emphasized that the team remains driven and is not content with just their current success.

He said: “Actually, to be clear, this is something I’m most proud of in this club and in this organisation we have. “From top to bottom, I would say if you asked this question to anyone, they would probably give the same answer.

 “And that five in a row happened the second that final whistle went against West Ham. I remember just going down to the pitch and just telling almost everybody I saw ‘excellent, fantastic result, we’re so proud, but now we’re going for five in a row’.”


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