We live in very dangerous times, nowhere is safe. Gone are the days when people were only robbed at night, now people are robbed in broad daylight!!!

A man, @pipeoluwa_, has come out to talk about how he was robbed by two men in broad daylight.

According to him, he went to the bank to withdraw some money. On his way back to the street where he parked his car, two men on a bike approached him and demanded he gave them the money he withdrew. At first, he wanted to drag with them but when he saw the guy at the back with a cutlass, he just had to give them the 55k he was with.

He said the whole experience was traumatizing because nothing like that had ever happened to him before that incident as he has always been extra-careful and street smart. And the worst part was that he couldn’t even shout for help because the street was quiet and he wasn’t familiar with the place.
If you can recall, some time ago, there was a viral CCTV footage showing a man being robbed by men on a bike and with dangerous weapons like cutlass.

We all should be very careful and avoid being alone in a very quiet place that’s not secure before the self-appointed real owners would comman collect what they gave us to keep for them.

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