If you’re a Nigerian, you’ll be familiar with the traditional method of saving where a group of people come together to contribute money (at fixed or flexible periods) and members either take everything contributed at an already agreed time or they’re given their share of contribution after a long period. This is known as thrift/contribution (in English), esusu/ajo (in Yoruba) or adashi (in Hausa).

This traditional method has been saving the lives of many Nigerians since God knows when. Most of us were trained in school with contribution money. Even our Christmas clothes were bought with it.

Apart from the fact that this method has been helping Nigerians to save for projects (whether it’s to marry that fine girl you’ve been eyeing or to buy a new iPhone), it has also been a source of employment for some Nigerians. The person who holds the money gets paid by members before or after they get their esusu money.

Oh, you were thinking the contribution holder will hold the money free of charge? I laugh in quarantine.
Talking about the contribution holders, a man who was in charge of contribution money that’s just 250k less than a million naira, has cried out after using the money to play BetNaija and losing.

A WhatsApp chat between the man, Michael, and a friend showed how the friend convinced him to use the contribution money to play a bet.

At first, the man was reluctant, but the friend, John, assured him that if he used the whole 750k to play the bet, he’ll become a millionaire in 90 minutes.
That was how Michael played the bet and the match ended in 2:1 against his favour.

When he tried to blame his friend for making him lose the money, John stopped replying his messages.
Some people can do and undo. Imagine using people’s money to gamble. Ok oo.

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