Me, I don’t understand how the government wee be disturbing us to link our phone numbers with our National Identification Number (NIN) when we’ve got bigger fishes to fry.

Oh yes. You heard me right. Bigger fishes.
You see this DNA thing ehn, it should be made compulsory. The government should make it mandatory that any child born should have a DNA test conducted on him/her so that innocent men wee nor be raising other men’s kids.

In recent weeks, they’ve been stories upon stories of men finding out that the kids they think are theirs, aren’t theirs. The latest one is that told by a Twitter user, @its_skilla. According to him, his dad’s friend had just found that 3 out of his four kids are not his and the man in question is 75.

Read the tweet;
“My dad’s friend who’s 75 just found out that 3 out of his 4 kids aren’t his ???..  Omo the man doesn’t know how to react bruh”

This means for decades, an innocent man was taking care of another man’s kids. Those kids are probably married or/and advanced in age now.

Some women ehn, some women aff mind ooo. Is e not better the man adopts and knows that yes, this child is adopted?

The government should biko make DNA tests free. Every man should be allowed to conduct 3 free DNA tests. After the free tests, he’ll be charged for consecutive tests. Abi, how una see am?

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