It’s the audacity for me. Like how does one pick up their phones, scroll through social media hunting for a prey to troll? Like How?!!

Did you guys see the latest picture of popular blogger Linda Ikeji? If you didn’t, that’s it on our featured image. To wish fans a happy new week, Linda posted some gorgeous photos with different poses rocking her shades of pink outfit accompanied with a rich smile.

While lovers are gonna love, haters gonna hate too, but you know what irks me the most? it’s the haters who hide under the guise of love to troll. @mamaemeka1 commented “Too cute but please work on your skin. As you get money reach, yamayama no suppose dey for your body. Just look at the last slide, the zebra line on the thigh is showing. I love you mama❤❤??”. 

You what? Dear @mamaemeka1, your lies ooze like a decayed corpse. How do you love someone and then you type hogwash comments about them? You are just a troll, nothing more. 

However, Linda responded; “It’s stretchmarks and I don’t care?❤, I love you too❤”. Okay, seems like “I love you” has become a disguise curse language huh? cause I don’t understand. 

Well, while you ponder at both responses, you should take some time out to thank God for @mamaemeka’s life because on this very day, we can all agree Jesus loves her. I can only imagine if it were to be some other celebrity, heaven would have fallen down. Not sure I want to mention any names.

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