In case you don’t know anything about US Vice President elect, Kamala Harris, just know that she has lots of “first" attached to her name; first female, first Black and first South Asian woman Vice President. Should I continue or itaf do? Anty was also the first Black woman to serve as a Senator for the Golden State, a seat she won in November, 2016. She was also the Attorney General of California. Shey you have seen that anty no dey carry last.

As part of preparation for her swearing in on Wednesday, January 20th, Mrs Harris has officially handed in a resignation letter for her seat in the US Senate. But as a superwoman that she is, anty added in Westlife’s voice, “this isn’t goodbye". She quickly noted that her position as the Vice President will only make her preside over the Senate once she’s taken the oath. (This is the only position that has both the executive and legislative branch). Ah! This woman has gym finish!

Anty dinor come to play at all as she said in her resignation letter that she intends to work “tirelessly" as the Vice President and instead of coming to a point of tie (where she’ll have to use her constitutional power), “the Senate will find a common ground and do the work of the American people".

You have heard it all, anty is clearly a no-nonsense person. We can’t help but wish her a successful career as the Vice President. Way to go Mrs Vice President

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