Last week, a female officer who was serving as a corporal at Iye Divisional Police Headquarters, Ilejemeje Local Government Area, Ekiti State, was dismissed.

The corporal, Olajide Omolola, was dismissed on the ground that she got pregnant out of wedlock.

Are you surprised?

After hearing this, some people in the community and stakeholders felt the dismissal was too harsh and called the Ekiti State Police Command out.

However, an Assistant Superintendent of Police who is also the Public Relations Officer of the force in the state, ASP Sunday Abutu, has come out to defend the dismissal. He said Omolola getting pregnant before marriage was an embarrassment to the force.


Very good question because I’m also wondering how a grown up woman getting pregnant out of wedlock is a source of embarrassment to the establishment she works in.

According to ASP Abutu, not only did the corporal get pregnant less than a year after joining the force, she breached Section 127 of the Police Act which provides that;

“An unmarried woman police officer who becomes pregnant shall be discharged from the Force and shall not be re-enlisted except with the approval of the Inspector-General”

This means the dismissal isn’t absolute as the IG of Police can call her back. But, come let’s rub minds a bit. In this era where there are so many unmarried women who want kids, do you think a provision like that is okay?

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