Chelsea was considered favourites to lift the 2020/2021 English Premier League after signing some of the biggest stars from last season, combined with their good performance from 2020. However, things went downhill fast as Chelsea struggled to win some important matches in the EPL. The praised potential giants soon became the laughing stock.

Frank Lampard was to blame. The legend who came from Derby County to manage his former club was received with utmost joy, but his departure speaks another language.

Lampard was criticized for his lack of tactical know-how. And the board wasn’t pleased. He lost matches with some of his biggest stars being the flops of the match.

The tough decision was made and Thomas Tuchel received the good news of a job after losing his previous job at PSG a month ago. Frank Lampard was kicked out.

Thomas Tuchel, former PSG coach, took PSG to the Champions League final, staging a massive comeback against Barcelona on their way.

However, he got fired and was replaced by Mauricio Pochettino, former Tottenham Coach.

Thomas Tuchel is known for the aggressiveness, speed, and creativity he brings to football. As it seems, that’s precisely all that’s missing from Chelsea. No offense to Chelsea fans.

Tuchel has reiterated his passion for compactness and inventiveness, skills all Chelsea players have.

However, Chelsea is also in need of person-to-person management. The Chelsea dressing is rumored to be one of the worst in football today. The players have grown apart from their former teammate, leading others against the Head Coach.

Tuchel on the other hand has been excellent with player management but bad with club politics, the latter being a characteristic feature at Stamford Bridge.

Some fans already think Tuchel will be sacked in the next 18 points, but most fans are optimistic for him.

Will Tuchel restore Chelsea to their potential glory? We’ll probably find out from 7 pm today, as they play against Wolves.

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