The Ijaw National Congress Worldwide (INC), the premier socio-cultural organization representing the Ijaw people, has thrown its weight behind the move to revert to Nigeria’s original national anthem.

INC’s National Publicity Secretary, Chief Ezonebi Oyakemeagbegha revealed in an interview with the PUNCH on Saturday.

Oyakemeagbegha hailed President Bola Tinubu’s decision as a courageous step towards rectifying the wrongs perpetuated by past military regimes. However, he urged Tinubu to take his reform agenda a step further by revisiting the 1963 constitution, which was based on a parliamentary system of government.

According to him, the current 1999 constitution was imposed on Nigerians by force, perpetuating a system of oppression. He warned that failing to revert to the 1963 constitution could lead to chaos and urged the President to take swift action to address this pressing issue.


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