The Minister of Defence, Muhammad Badaru, has praised the enhanced collaboration among the service chiefs, saying it has led to increased productivity and notable achievements in the past year.

Speaking at the Ministerial Sectorial Update in Abuja, Badaru highlighted the synergy among the service chiefs and sister agencies, which has resulted in successes against bandits, insurgents, and oil thieves.

According to Badaru, the joint efforts have led to the neutralization of over 9,300 bandits and insurgents, with 7,000 arrests made and 4,641 kidnapped victims rescued in just one year. Also, the military has recovered 4,882 assorted weapons and 83,900 assorted ammunition.

The Minister also revealed that the military’s efforts to boost oil production have yielded positive results, with 1,437 suspects arrested, 363 neutralized, and 245 held captive in the Niger Delta region freed.

According to him, the military has also destroyed 3,051 dug pits, 1,276 boats, and 3,924 storage tanks, effectively shutting down most illegal refineries and seizing numerous vessels. Badaru attributed these successes to the improved collaboration among the service chiefs and sister agencies, which has enhanced their operational efficiency and productivity.



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