Kunle Remi, a popular Nollywood actor who is also the taskmaster of Gulder Ultimate Search, one of Nigeria’s most anticipated survival reality television shows, has revealed how he got the job.

The ace actor, who turns 34 today, revealed in an exclusive interview with The PUNCH that he first entered the ‘jungle’ as a participant on the show exactly 11 years ago. Fast forward to now, and he’s entering the jungle in a new role: taskmaster.

Remi stated that he had prayed to God that he would be a host on the show that launched his career, and his desire was realized in due time.

He said, “Over time, I have never been under pressure or succumb to pressure. It has been growth and the progress of my career. I never saw this coming, inasmuch as I told myself that it would not be bad to actually try this out or be a host on the Gulder Ultimate show.

“They were words that I whispered into God’s ears. It did not happen when I thought it would happen or when I wanted it to happen, but at the end of the day, God made me realize that there are times and seasons. There is a time for everything and at the right time, it happened.

“So, eleven years ago, my first day was in the jungle but eleven years later, I am in the jungle but not as the same person that was there back then and that is growth.

“When I got the call, I had to adjust my schedule because God has been faithful and my schedule was really tight. I have jobs, but I had to reschedule them because this is different from being an actor. I had to turn down some jobs and moved some gigs; I also had some conversations with some directors and producers, so that I can be feel fulfilled as I do right now.”

When asked about his plans for marriage, the actor stated that he will marry his “own" woman in due time. He stated that he had no regrets in life at the age of 34.

He said, “As I said, everything is about times and seasons. Getting married will happen and I look forward to it. I want to build a beautiful family and marry my wife not someone else’s wife. I am just grateful and look forward to it; so, when it happens, it happens. It is not about how early someone gets married.”

He continued, “I have no regrets; none at all, because everything I faced prepared me for this phase that I am right now. It has been gradual but I recorded a lot of growth. I am a huge believer in going through the process and growing.

“There is so much that can happen in a second not to talk about the next five to 10 years. Between 2010 and now, so much has happened in my life. I am praying to God to live long and enjoy the process to become that legend that he has ordained me to be.

“I am 34 today. I feel great today that I am turning 34 and I am happy. It is a good day to reflect; I will not take it for granted. I am where I am today because of God and that is the main reason why I am grateful for another day, another start, another breath of fresh air.”

Source: Ademola Olonilua, Punchng

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