A Hamas delegation arrived in Cairo, airport sources told newsmen, amid renewed negotiations for a ceasefire and prisoner exchange deal with Israel.

The three-member Hamas delegation flew in from Doha to discuss the latest proposal for a ceasefire. An exchange of hostages for Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails is also in the cards.

Israeli news website, ynet, reported that the proposal envisages the release of 33 hostages in return for several hundred Palestinian prisoners.

These include women, female soldiers, elderly people, the injured, and the “mentally impaired”.

Citing a senior Israeli government representative, ynet reported that the duration of the ceasefire would depend on the number of hostages released.

Hamas is demanding the release of 50 prisoners for every soldier and 30 prisoners for every civilian.

Under the proposal, Israel would also withdraw from a central road that divides the Gaza Strip into two parts.

Hamas, also said Israel would allow residents of the northern section would be allowed to return to their homes.

A large majority of the approximately 2.2 million inhabitants of the Gaza Strip had fled to the south during the war.

However, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu may have to choose between a hostage deal and the continued existence of his government.




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