Francis Wale Oke, the Presiding Bishop of Christ Life Church, has come out to talk about how a lecturer in Unilag was killed by God for making his daughter carry over a course twice just because she turned down his ‘sexual proposal.

In a video, the man of God said that one of his daughters who was in Unilag was asked by a lecturer in her school to sleep with him. When she refused, the lecturer, who’s said to be old enough to be her father, decided to fail her twice. This means she had to write one course for two years. Carrying over a course once is enough to destabilize a person, not to even talk about twice and she really needed to pass that course so she could move to the next level.

The lecturer even told her that if she doesn’t sleep with her, he’ll make sure she never leaves his department and she would not pass that course.
When he failed her the first time, she prayed and fasted, still he failed her the second time and she was advised to withdraw. This is because according to the rules of the department, if a person can’t pass a compulsory course twice, he/she would have to withdraw. That was how the girl wasted two years because of a lecturer

When his daughter came home crying, the clergyman said he decided to take the matter to God. He prayed with tears in his eyes and two weeks later, the man died in an accident with a girl he was sleeping with. According to him, God killed them.

I want to ask a question though. Is God now a hired assassin who people hire to kill other people?

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